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Mark Herndon

The High Road

Hardcover Now Available

This book takes you behind the scenes of one of America’s groundbreaking bands. A series of short, captivating stories. I couldn’t put this book down! Would definitely recommend.. 

Stephanie, longtime fan

Custom Autographed Hardcover copies available now!
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Hardcover - Custom Autographed copies available now!
Autograph only available from this site.
Paperback - Custom Autographed copies available
Autograph only available from this site.


Legendary Country Music Hall of Fame drummer Mark Herndon yearned to fly jets as a military brat, then discovered the dream of playing drums, vowing to come back one day and perform at the very place where he once had to stand outside just to hear. Along the way, he loved and lost and made plenty of mistakes, persevering to achieve all that he imagined before having so much taken away. After decades with one of the most celebrated bands of all time, he still lives his dreams, playing, producing, flying, and now writing with keen observations about life and living in the spotlight.



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